Instructions for RMA Requests

PendoTECH appreciates you as a customer. We would like to help.

  • For some RMA requests, it will be very clear if an item needs to be returned to us, repaired, or recertified.  In other instances, you may be contacted with questions or a request for more information.  We respectfully request that you cooperate with our team in order to assist you better.
  • Before completing this RMA Request, please review the PendoTECH Warranty Policy here: PendoTECH Warranty
  • Please complete the appropriate form below to request an RMA. If there is more than one product, then please complete more than form, as appropriate.
  • Please do not submit duplicate requests, this may delay your reply.  We commit to replying to you within 2 business days of your submission.
  • Please understand that no items can be returned to us without an RMA number and with appropriate documentation. For any items sent to PendoTECH with no RMA documentation, we reserve the right to invoice you.
  • For items that have not been opened or used, and will be returned, we reserve the right to invoice you for a Restocking fee per the PendoTECH Warranty Policy.
  • Additionally, if you are not able to provide a completed copy of the Decontamination Form included with the RMA shipment, we reserve the right to invoice you for a Decontamination Fee of $175.00.
  • When returning items to PendoTECH, the RMA number must be listed on the outside of the box, as indicated below:

3490 US 1, BLDG 15F
Princeton, NJ 08542
Attn: RMA # ___

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