Single-Use Pressure Sensors

PendoTECH’s Single-Use Pressure Sensors™ are designed to measure the static and dynamic pressure of gases and liquids accurately and cost-effectively in biopharmaceutical processes. These sensors are robust enough for repeated cleaning yet affordable for disposable applications, making them a reliable alternative to stainless steel pressure transducers.

Equipped with PendoTECH High Accuracy Pressure (MEMS-HAP™) Chips, these sensors are ideal for various processes such as filtration, chromatography, gas and disposable bioreactor monitoring, filling operations, and more. They are made from caustic-resistant polysulfone to endure sanitization processes.

Rated for use up to 75 psi, these sensors are compatible with PendoTECH’s PressureMAT™ monitor/transmitter, PendoTECH’s Process Control Systems, or other pre-qualified third-party monitors. Experience the dependability of PendoTECH’s pressure sensors in your biopharmaceutical processes.

The pressure sensors can be integrated for pressure measurement and control with either a PressureMAT™ System (monitor/transmitter) or a PendoTECH Process Control System, depending on the number of sensors and process requirements. The data collected by these systems can be output to a PC or another data monitoring device. They also can be integrated into other pre-qualified 3rd party pumps & monitors. The pressure sensors are very accurate in the pressure ranges typically used with flexible tubing and are qualified for use to 75 psi.

Process Scale Pressure Sensors

  • Applications include multi-stage depth filtration, TFF/crossflow filtration, and bioreactor pressure monitoring and many more
  • Available for use with tubing from 1/8 inch to 1 inch inner diameter (for luer size see below) or a sanitary flange
  • Unobstructed flow path & no dead legs provides dramatically reduced hold-up volume versus stainless steel transducers or gauges
  • Qualified for use in the range from -7 to 75 psi
  • Compatible with gamma irradiation
  • All materials meet USP Class VI
  • Integral 12 inch cable connects to reusable monitor/ transmitter/alarm cable via molded connector
  • Each sensor is tested for quality and accuracy during manufacturing and rejected if out of specification (no calibration required)
  • Manufactured in a clean room in an ISO 9001-certified facility
  • Can be cleaned and re-used
  • Cost-effective
  • Autoclave Compatible
  • Polycarbonate material or caustic resistant polysulfone (please review Application Note- Autoclave of Single Use Pressure Sensors)
  • Certificate of quality included with lot certification; individual NIST Calibration Certificates are optional
  • May be non-invasively tested in-place with the PressureCHECKER™ device
  • Validation guide available upon request

Hose Barb Design Features
The design features no mold parting line where the tubing is secured, which can be a source of leaks. The single barb shaft allows the hose to relax behind the barb, causing the tie-wrap to work like a drawstring. A tie-wrap placed over the anti-rotation device will lock the tubing, preventing it from becoming loose by a twisting motion. If a more secure fitting than a tie-wrap is required for higher pressure, either a BarbLock or Oetiker Clamp can be used, and they both give a very secure 360° radial compression seal.

PendoTECH Pressure Sensors – for Smaller Scale Processes
The luer sensors are offered in polycarbonate and polysulfone and have male/female luer lock inlet/outlet ports and come with a cap on the female luer port for dead-end applications. With the universal luer fitting, they can be adapted to processes in different manners. A couple of examples are they can be used in-line at low flow rates (1/16 or 1/8 inch tubing) or on a 1/4 or 3/8 inch barb fitting with luer port. The polycarbonate version is sterile for aseptic connection.

PendoTECH Pressure Sensor Data* 100 Sensors

Pressure Sensor Data

* Data from 100 random sensors manufactured with the PendoTECH High Accuracy Pressure chips (MEMS-HAP chips) and measured with the PendoTECH Process Control System.

BarbLock® is a registered trademark of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation all rights reserved.

Adaptor Cables for Third Party Monitors

  • PDKT-650-298SC – Reusable shielded 6 ft connector cable w/ phone jack for Scilog pumps
  • PDKT-650-298MG – Reusable shielded 6 ft connector cable w/phone jack for Midgee monitor
  • PDKT-650-298MN – Reusable shielded 6 ft connector cable w/ phone jack for Pall Minim


  • PDKT-103-03 – 1/4inch x 1/4inch polycarbonate straight connector with luer port
  • PDKT-104-03 – 3/8inch x 3/8inch polycarbonate straight connector with luer port
  • PDKT-105-03 – 1/2inch x 1/2inch polycarbonate straight connector with luer port
  • PDKT-V3PS-000 – Luer polysulfone 3-way stopcock

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