PendoTECH Has Been at the Forefront of Downstream Bioprocessing Equipment Innovations Since 2005

PendoTECH, headquartered in New Jersey, has been committed to advancing innovation in pharmaceutical, biopharm, and bioprocess applications since 2005. Our user-friendly, adaptive process equipment offers cutting-edge biopharm manufacturing and research solutions. With extensive experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and specialized expertise in single-use bioprocess equipment, we deliver a range of pressure sensors, UV/Vis, conductivity, pH, flow and temperature control systems, and software for measuring, monitoring, and data collection.

Our technical consultants work closely with equipment manufacturers, C(D)MOs, and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers to assess their applications in filtration, chromatography, filling, and other areas to deliver optimized product quality while maximizing efficiencies. PendoTECH experts regularly consult with clients to determine the optimal product for their operation. We have a customer-focused approach and a commitment to close, collaborative service, which helps companies select the best solution that includes risk management and economic benefits.

To support the longevity of your PendoTECH solution, we assess your operation’s scaling objectives to ensure our bioprocess equipment performs optimally, from clinical trials through product approvals, both now and in the future. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and improve your processes while maintaining a focus on delivering high-quality, innovative solutions.

In 2021, PendoTECH became part of the METTLER TOLEDO family, a leading global provider of precision instruments and services for laboratories and manufacturing. This acquisition has brought numerous benefits to PendoTECH and its clients. METTLER TOLEDO’s extensive resources and expertise in instrumentation and automation have further strengthened PendoTECH’s capabilities, enabling us to offer an even broader range of products and solutions to our customers. Additionally, METTLER TOLEDO’s global reach and deep understanding of regulatory compliance have provided PendoTECH with expanded access to new markets and industries. Overall, this partnership has enhanced PendoTECH’s ability to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions to our valued clients, while maintaining our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

To learn more about how PendoTECH can help improve your biopharmaceutical operation, please contact us at:


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