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PendoTECH’s Single-Use Temperature Sensors provide highly accurate temperature measurements for critical in-line bioprocess applications. These sensors are susceptible to temperature changes and require no calibration as accuracy is verified during manufacturing.

The sensors are available with either a hose barb fitting, designed to prevent pressure drops and dead-legs, or a luer fitting for lab scale development applications. They are cost-effective for single-use applications, robust enough for re-use, and compatible with gamma irradiation. PendoTECH also offers a handheld monitor with an LCD and transmitters that facilitate integration into control systems.

PendoTECH Single Use Temperature Sensors™ measure temperature in your processes accurately and cost effectively. They are low cost for single use applications and may be repeatedly cleaned and re-used. They are perfect for bioreactor, filtration and chromatography processes, filling operations, and general process monitoring. These sensors connect to monitors via a reusable cable. Suitable monitors include the handheld unit TEMP340, the PendoTECH Process Control System, or other pre-qualified third party monitors. Also, a 4-20mA stand-alone transmitter is available. For laboratory use, there is a benchtop transmitter that can connect to data acquistion systems. They are the perfect solution for use with tubing measurement applications.

Design Details
To optimally adapt to tubing, the sensors are available with either a hose barb fitting or a luer fitting. Tubing can be secured directly to the hose barb fitting and the hose barb design imparts no obstruction on the fluid path that can cause a pressure drop and there is no dead-leg at the point where the temperature is measured. The luer fitting can be connected to a variety of fittings that can securely adapt to tubing or other devices.

The temperature sensing element is a thermistor. No calibration is required because the temperature versus resistance for the thermistor element is well-defined within the specified accuracy range and is verified during manufacturing. Within the instrument, the measured resistance is converted to the temperature.

      • Available in a variety of sizes to adapt to different processes- from a luer fitting to 3/4inch hosebarb
      • Compatible with gamma irradiation
      • High sensitivity to temperature change
      • Better than +/- 0.2°C accuracy (typ. better than 0.1) in the specified range of 0-70°C
      • Polycarbonate (luer) or polysulfone (hosebarb sensors) material of construction
      • NO calibration required, each is tested during manufacturing to be within specification
      • All fluid path materials meet USP Class VI requirements*
      • Certificate of quality included
      • Manufactured in a ISO 9001 certified facility


* Luer sensors for research purposes only and not designed for use in manufacturing processes. Polycarbonate connector for luer sensors that may contact a fluid path is not tested for USP Class VI. Dip probe not tested for USP Class VI; stainless steel not applicable.

Connection to Monitors

Connection to Monitors
For panel mount installations

The hose barb sensors connect to the monitor via a 10-foot (3.0m) long reusable cable. One end has a molded connector to connect to the sensor connector and the other end has a 1/4inch headphone plug commonly used by many commercially available monitors. The panel M1 connector (1 foot) on one end also has a molded connector and the other end has an industry standard M8 connector. The luer sensor has a custom molded connector on the 7-foot (2.1m) long re-usable monitor cable that is quickly secured to the temperature sensor. There is an alignment guide on the sensor that prevents it from being connected improperly. Disconnection of the cable connector from the sensors is quick and easy and the monitor indicates the sensor has been disconnected. There is also a convenient transmitter device available that enables the sensors to be integrated to PLC or control system by a 4-20mA signal.

Model TT1
Part Number TT1
Number of Sensor Channels 1 temperture channel
Number of Flow Channels
Panel Cutout request drawing
Analog input
Digital input
Relays / open collectors (OC)
Outputs (1) 4-20mA
Approvals CE Mark EN61326-1:2013; REACH and RoHS Complaint
Parameter compatibility
PendoTECH temperature, single-use sensor yes

  • TT1: PendoTECH Temperature Sensor Transmitter
  • PDKT-TT1: PendoTECH Temperature Transmitter (benchtop transmitter)
  • TM-TEMP340: PendoTECH Temperature sensor monitor for 1 sensor with built-in data logger and RS232 data output
  • PDKT-650-TEMPB: 10foot reusable temperature sensor cable with 1/4 phone jack term. for barb sensors
  • PDKT-650-TEMPL: 7foot reusable temperature sensor cable with 1/4 phone jack term. for luer sensors
  • PDKT-TEMPB-PNL: PendoTECH 12inch reusable temperature sensor cable with M8 termination for hose barb sensors
  • TT1-DR: PendoTECH Temperature Sensor Transmitter DIN Rail Mounting Kit

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