Bioreactor Process Control

The PendoTECH Bioreactor Control System offers the ability to monitor and control the pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature with PID control, mixer speed, and weight. Using an embedded transmitter from Mettler-Toledo, an industry standard, for monitoring pH and DO with standard probes, delivers the advanced features and confidence required for measurement and control of the bioreactor. There is also the ability to use in parallel for strictly monitoring or for process control other pH and DO technologies. Alarm setpoints are also available for all process parameters including the ability to send email and text message alerts. Other features include a perfusion mode with pressure monitoring of an external perfusion device and control of vessel weight by maintaining a user-entered weight setpoint with the feed pump and a fed-batch mode that allows volumetric addition to be added per a schedule. Modes of operation are available for either cell culture or fermentation.

PendoTECH Bioreactor Control System Data Sheet

Bioreactor Control System™ Page

  • Optimized for disposable and glass bioreactors
  • Complete process control, by PID control of gases, base addition and temperature
  • Alarm condition monitoring, and data acquisition with advanced features
  • Ability to use traditional pH and dissolved oxygen probes, Presens disposable sensors, and a third option to input via external transmitters
  • Pressure monitoring with single use pressure sensor with integrated pressure control
  • Fed-batch addition schedule manager
  • Simple wizards for calibration of probes
  • Ability to control temperature by electric heater for jacketed vessels by control of a stand-alone heating / cooling system
  • Vessel weight control for perfusion processes
  • Notifications on out of range process conditions

  • Air Detector
  • Watson Marlow 120DU/V Auxiliary Pump

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