5 Station TFF Screening System

5 Stations of a Tangential Flow Filtration/Crossflow Filtration Process with completely independent control. It provides the ability to conduct parallel experiments in a compact footprint. There is complete batch control with 6 built-in programmable recipes.

  • System interaction via a PC-based Graphical User Interface
  • Real time trending and all data is written to a file for the permanent record
  • Features use of PendoTECH Pressure SensorsTM that can be cleaned and re-used extensively
  • Built in Proprietary PendoTECH Throttle Valve to control back pressure
  • High pressure pumping with diaphragm pump that can provide up to 60psi/4 bar of pressure
  • Compact load cells used for filtrate volume measurement and are used to estimate filtrate flow and flux

System includes:

  • Completely and efficiently automates 5 Stations of a TFF/Crossflow Filtration Process
  • Recipe based control of entire concentration and diafiltration process with multiple options for automated diafiltration end point
    (filtrate volume and air in diafiltration line)
  • Pressure measurement and calculation of trans-membrane pressure (TMP) and delta-P with PendoTECH Pressure Sensors that
    can be cleaned and re-used extensively or other sensors such as stainless steel transducers
  • Interact with the system via an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) that includes a trending module with many advanced
  • Data collection to a file that is opened with Excel
  • Alarms for pressures that shut-down the pumps
  • Automation and alarm features allow the system to be operated with minimal user interaction
  • Stainless Steel design with completely sealed front panel for use in clean environments where frequent wipe-down is required
    and NaOH is used
  • Level sensors are used to precisely determine diafiltration and concentration setpoints
  • Diafiltration volume maintained by gravity feed
  • Non-invasive air detector end-point can be used for “fed-batch” process where product is fed to the main vessel and dynamically
    concentrated via diafiltration mode
  • Diaphragm pump with range of 1-100mL/min & pressure to 60psi/4 bar with other pumps optional
  • TMP control possible with proprietary PendoTECH Throttle Valve that is non-invasive to the process
  • The system may be controlled remotely via a PC, iPad or smart phone by using 3rd party software; process details are visualized on
    the graphical interface and the system interaction is via the PC so remote control is possible by simply accessing the PC

  • PREPS-N-000-W – Single Use Pressure Sensor, non-sterile, polysulfone, luer inlet/outlet with IP67 Connector
  • PDKT-TNK500M – 500 mL-2.5inch diameter (base with outlet, vessel, lid with 2 tube holders and dip tubes) – (DOES NOT INCLUDE STIR PLATE)
  • PDKT-TNK125M – 125 mL – 1.5inch diameter (base with outlet, vessel, lid with 2 tube holders and dip tubes) – (DOES NOT INCLUDE STIR PLATE)

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